Inspire, Motivate, and Build Up People

The purpose of elected leadership is to promote dialogue and challenge the status quo. I became involved in elected office early in life because I believe progress is fostered by the relationships and trust we build over time. 

Working together, we can make sure communities are informed, civilly engaged, and have the option to send their children to receive an excellent education at their local public school.

As a Realtor Associate I help families build wealth through responsible choices around the purchase or sale of a home or commercial property. I recognize the value of strategic financial planning and strive to deliver an outstanding experience for buyers and sellers. Together, we ensure you can create and leave a legacy for your family.

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The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, noses are running (hopefully not yours)…spring has definitely arrived! It’s that time of year - time to conduct a few simple maintenance operations that: Are all too easy to overlook Are guaranteed to save you big money as time goes on.

We call them oxymorons: terms with built-in contradictions. George Carlin made fun of ‘jumbo shrimp’; Jerry Seinfeld pointed out the unlikelihood of anything being ‘found missing’ or ‘clearly misunderstood.’ But for some homebuyers, there is more reason to smile than laugh over the new popularity of a formerly miniscule part...

Check out this video and catch up on what's new with the Verona Board of Education.